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Wars between US states is a certainty

17 Jan

Washington DC,17 January 2013

A prominent think tank have warned US senators that “war between states” is a certainty and next 10 years will be crucial.

“The hostilities between politicians from different states have escalated.Many states don’t see an eye to eye on policy issues.”said Conrad Wilson jr,billionaire CEO of think tank Preventing Wars .”The massive build up of military weapons in Texas and California will prove to be detrimental to national unity.Obama’s gun ban have forced opposing states to purchase more weapons.It will be like Kosovo-Serbia in few years.”

“At ground level,people from opposing  states have really hostile interactions.A Washington DC guy is despised in every part of country while New Yorkers often feel isolated in other states.The sentiments are tense and southern states feel betrayed from northern states.” Said Conrad,”The number of voluntary paramilitary groups have gone up by 1000 % and many deserted areas have been converted to training fields for state military.This is worrisome situation.”