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Elite Democrat Party Oligarch,Harry Reid, arrested after he attacked a woman during a bar brawl near his “proposed” Nevada Solar Power Plant Site

15 Apr
  • The Oligarch was involed in illegal land grab from Nevada Rancher by using American Gestapo BLM
  • He allegedly attacked a woman in a pub
  • The Oligarch is due in court on 27 April, along with Mark Woo(chinese investor), who was charged alongside him

Bunkerville.15 April

A staunch free loader,the untouchable democratic party elite and land-grabber for the Chinese;Senator Harry Reid ;has been charged with assault after attacking a woman in a bar-room brawl.Harry Reid allegedly took a bite of woman’s left leg during a brawl.

Harry Reid ,75, who holds prominent positions in government, is said to have retaliated after the woman taunted him as “sterile democrat fascist” and “a land grabber”. Angry,Harry Reid shoved the woman and took a bite in her legs.

The victim , 27, suffered a manbite to her left leg and pain in her right hand after she struck Reid with stiletto.

Mr.Harry Reid was arrested and led away from the venue in handcuffs. He denied being involved in the incident. Mr.Nettle, his lawyer, said: “My client insists on his innocence. He is not a land grabber and sterile democrat fascist.”

The row is said to have taken place in the Bunkervile nightclub in the Freedom Hotel in the Bunkervile,Nevada on April 14.

The democratic party elite and land grabber was involved in illegal land grab for Chinese company.The reasons for his presence in Bunkervile are unknown.The so called liberal progressive humanist and environmentalist has been known to use his office to intimidate legal US citizens and cheat on his taxes.