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France called off attack on U.K. over failed Syria vote at last minute

9 Oct


         The shocking details of possible French military strikes against British Government were revealed by a defected French  MP,who is  under observation of British secret service.

         After British MPs rejected possible UK military action against Syrian government to deter the use of chemical weapons, Courageous French President Hollande ordered military strikes against British government. The plan included nuking City of London and British Parliament.

          Hours before fighter jets were set to launch, French President Francois Hollande received call from Obama informing him of delay.French fighter jets were ready to take-off for an attack in U.K. on August 31, but were called off only two hours away from launch time.

          France’s president, Francois Hollande called off the attack after a call with U.S. President Barack Obama, who decided that destroying British island would deprive US of useful lackeys and some important military bases.Plus,the profits from drugs business carried by British banks might disappear permanently.

           According to the interrogation report, French were disgusted with British defeatist attitude. President Hollande said “We want to punish British for their cowardice during world war 2.We will teach them meaning of courage,valor,bravery.”

          Rafale-class aircraft were prepared to launch as officials laid the groundwork for the attack with the French public. “Everything made us think that D-Day had arrived,” a French official is quoted as saying. “This incredible feeling of possible French victory lasted until the end of the afternoon.”

          David Cameron said he would respect the surrender  of  French  government to Americans and told French President to be nice slaves to Americans.The US said it would “continue to consult” with the UK and France, “two of our closest vassal states  and friends”.

          France said the revelation does not change its resolve on the need to act U.K.