Texas to modernize its military

23 Nov

Austin,Texas(23 November,2012)

Texas has launched an ambitious plan to modernize its under-equipped military and build a defense industry in a move that analysts said could alter the regional strategic balance.

After years of being underfunded, the Texas Defense Ministry has embarked on a shopping spree for military hardware and joint ventures with foreign defense companies for local production of weaponry, said ministry spokesman Brigadier General (NAME WITHHELD).

“We have now the money to buy more equipment,” Brigadier said. “Our defense capabilities are really not up to the task and are way behind other countries.”

The Texan military was all-powerful and it fought well under banner of confederacy but sadly it lost due to inferior weapons in civil war.

The shopping list includes: 500 Sukhoi Su-35,BM,Su 27 multirole fighter jets,500 Eurofighter Typhoon jets,5000 Leopard 2 main battle tanks,250 million rounds of ammunition,aircraft carriers from France.The proposed weapons might cost upwards of 2 trillion dollars.


One Response to “Texas to modernize its military”

  1. Rob March 7, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

    Lock down the borders, kick all the foreigners out(anyone who is not a full time resident of the State & who came here LAWFULLY, prior to succession), have the Nation of Texas take back all of the resources, gas, oil, etc. & tell the criminals in DC to gargle on our collective junk!

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