French President Hollande to exile himself to Monaco

18 Oct

Paris ,18 october 2012

France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande have decided to leave France and go in exile to Monaco. Confidential sources from Élysée Palace have confirmed that Hollande left France to save his personal wealth from draconian taxes he imposed on rich elites of France. It has to be reminded that Mr Hollande,an elite communist, is privately wealthy.

As Hollande said there would be no exceptions in 75 %  marginal tax rate,rich people have started migrating in droves to Belgium and U.K.The millionaire tax crisis have heightened climate of suspicion between France and Britain.With war clouds hovering over Europe over “millionaire crisis”,French president have taken safest approach and exiled himself to tax free Monaco alongwith his Euros,wife and 5 female lovers.

“I am in a battle and will not look back,” he said. “I am trying to save my wealth and France at same time and I am accelerating,” he said.” I will not leave my elected office. I will guide our great nation of France from Monaco. For the time being, Monaco will become temporary French administration centre.”

French historians drew parallel with Charles De Gaulle ,who headed French government in exile after Nazis controlled France.

“Yes,Hollande is definitely on correct path. To save his nation and his wealth, he had to go for self imposed exile. His actions definitely run  parallel to Great Gaulle.Hollande is our new Charles De Gaulle…”Said a distinguished French Historian.

Hollande – who has famously said he does not “like the rich” – said $10 bn would come from additional taxes on households “especially the well-heeled”, 10 billion more from businesses and 10 billion from savings in government spending. It would be the biggest hike in three decades. But at the time of announcement of new taxes, Hollande forgot he himself was stinking rich and would not be spared. His actions have roused shrill laughter from National Front.

Surging ratings

Having won a May election with 51.6 per cent of the vote, Hollande’s ratings have slid below 50 per cent in less than half the time it took Sarkozy to fall from favour.But after his self exile to Monaco,President Hollande’s ratings increased beyond 75 %.


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