Mexican border guards catch 579 Americans sneaking into Mexico!

13 Oct

El Alberto, Mexico — Mexican Border guards have arrested 579 American citizens crossing illegally into Mexico. The trend of Hispanic immigration to US from Mexico has completely reversed and now it’s illegal immigration of American citizens into Mexico. Most of the immigrants are lured by prospects of living beyond shadow of increasingly authoritarian US government and  a debt free healthy lifestyle.

This is increasingly the situation of illegal immigration today. Migrant shelters along the Mexican border are filled with newcomers looking for a better life, but also with seasoned criminals: senators, congressmen, lobbyists, lawyers, judges, CEOs,managers and journalists, often previously rich Americans, braving ever-greater risks to leave authoritarian US government — the country they consider incarnation of both Nazi Germany and Communist USSR.

           Take case of Karl from New York. In his previous life in USA, he was working for Hedge fund MF Global, selling spurious derivatives to daffy customers. He crossed illegally into Mexico last year to work in maize farm because his company MF global went bust.

“I am an American citizen and I have to go back to my foreclosed house, my beloved Mercedes  — I have to get back to them, I want to pay back my taxes, my student loans, my alimony and serve my jail sentence” Karl  kept yelling , from the moment he was arrested in El Alberto, Mexico for working below minimum wage on a Maize farm.

               Nothing would deter him from crossing the border again. He had left his hometown New York last year, he said. One year later, he spoke nearly fluent Spanish and earned 10 pesos per day as laborer.This trend presents an enormous challenge to Mexican policy makers, because country can not accommodate all illegal American immigrants. It is not just that the Mexican economy is booming but the crime has shot up.

“Most of the American illegal immigrants know very little about real work. They think Mexican government will provide them with food stamps, welfare, and free healthcare. Very few of them have worked previously. We have one million lawyers working as sanitary workers. They seem to like this work..” Said Juan.  

               And yet, while these factors — and no opportunities at home — have increased illegal immigration from USA to Mexico to  its highest level in centuries.

Indeed, 85 percent of 579 americans apprehended at the Mexican border  involved people who were rich previously.For the Mexico government, these illegal immigrants have become a high priority.Orders have been issued to kill any illegal immigrant crossing into Mexico from USA..


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