USA declares war on California!!!

10 Oct

Washington DC

10 October

USA have declared war on California on the account of human rights violations and harboring weapons of mass destruction.The move was prompted after gas prices rose sharply to $5 in many cities in California,leading to exodus of millions of Californians from the beleaguered state.

“The refugees coming out from California are dirty and smelly.They want free food,free healthcare,Welfare benefits.They are lazy freeloaders and feel entitled to get everything for free.They will destroy spirit of the nation.Our founding fathers wanted country to be free of  freeloaders .Most of them are radical communists.They want to destabilize our god fearing christian nation.We have to destroy California to save USA” Said a Pentagon Official on the condition of anonymity.

“We can’t allow California to acquire nuclear weapons and harbor communists.It is bigger danger to Israel than Iran” Said prime minister Netanyahu,speaking from Tel Aviv.

“California is violating all international human right norms by allowing to increase gas prices beyond $5 and sending refugees to USA.They are also capable of getting nuclear and chemical weapons.They are threat to world and  must be neutralized.” Said Secretary of war,Hillary Clinton.

A Texas senator has proposed building fence around state “to keep vermin out” of USA.

The state,which produces world’s leading communists have been thorn in eyes of USA from long time.The current gas crisis helped widen the rift.The rising gas prices have increased debt to 5 trillion dollars.

California ,which used to be world’s 9 th largest economy have fallen behind North Korea.Thee current gas crisis have emptied its coffers and many cities have stopped functioning.

Meanwhile US army have started concentrating its forces at USA- California border and an attack is eminent.


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