Furious Obama destroys all teleprompters in White House

4 Oct

Washington DC

4 October

President Obama has personally destroyed all the teleprompters in white house after losing presidential debate with Mitt Romney yesterday.

The operation,which started after president reached presidential palace,took place in early hours of morning.All the white house staff watched with disbelief when a raging President took out his powerful drill and destroyed his beloved teleprompters.He also used power saw to cut them into pieces.After that he bombed the pieces with 500 kg of plastic explosive.The president was literally foaming and boiling.

“How the fuck can i speak if I am not allowed to use my beloved teleprompters in debates?If Romney is allowed to use magic underwear,I must be allowed to use my teleprompters.”said Obama in briefing at white house .Other white house officials were not available for comment.

The destruction of 1000 teleprompters,which the President collected from his college days have evoked glee in GOP.


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