CIA drug business profit touches 1 trillion.

26 Aug

26 August,2012


CIA’s drug business revenue have touched one trillion dollars mark  as informed  by CIA’s director of finance.It has to be reminded that CIA have a flourishing drug business in every corner of globe.

“Yes ,our business is going strong and we just have one trillion dollar profit.Our drug business in Northern America including US,Mexico,Canada played a big part.We are also developing new business paradigms in Afghanistan and closely working with Taliban and Afghanistan authorities to further our mutual interests.” said the director on condition of anonymity.

“Our only gripe is against DEA and other local anti-narcotics departments of various countries.Here we are,patriotic and business minded Americans,earning a honest dollar and these dishonest leeches from DEA always try to disrupt our profitable operation.But we always stay ahead of them by planting our agents in DEA.”Said another CIA operative.

When asked about deaths of innocent children,young people and police officers,the CIA director said”That can not be helped.You drill for oil,some bird and fishes will die.You sell drugs,people cry against us.We are providing an essential and life saving service to humanity.May be police officers should not look hard after our drug business.Yes,i think that may be a good solution.”

The emerging center for CIA’s drug business is Afghanistan.With control over world’s highest supplier of Opium ,CIA’s joy knows no bounds.From last 10 years,CIA have helped afghani farmers to reintroduce poppy and opened many refineries.The transport facilities offered by NATO ,ISI and pak militaries have helped reduce costs by whopping 50 % and increased profits by 70 %.Opium business is life sustaining force of afghan populace,apart from resisting foreign invaders.

The current cartel wars in Mexico seems to have hampered drug movement into usa,but covert plane rides by CIA controlled planes have almost solved the problem and drug user in Washington DC are a very happy lot.


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