U.S. Mafia wants to move out to Africa

3 Aug

Las Vegas and New York

3 rd August,2012.

      After suffering high profile arrests and conviction of reputed leaders and suffering a steady harassment from government agencies,cosa nostra have decided to move out permanently from U.S.

     It has got so bad that current leader of Gambino family suffered a nervous breakdown while ordering pizza on phone.The leaders of other mafia families have uniformely decided to withdraw their investments from U.S. and move to some unnamed country in Africa.

      “It is fucking deathtrap here in fucking U.S.Federal agents everywhere.NDAA,SRA….and all other alphabet laws.It has got so bad that i can’t fucking talk to my bookies without consulting my lawyer.Feds always allowed to operate us but now the mood has changed.They want to brand us terrorist.Terrorists!It is fucking outrage.Calling born and bred patriotic U.S. mob member terrorist?Do i look like terrorist to you? I think i am living under dictatorship.I will soon be shifting to Sudan.I heard there is lot of business opportunities.There are no freedoms in this country anymore…” said a mafia member to this correspondent.

   “We always cooperated with alphabet agencies…helped them catching communist spies and what not.But they have taken over our business.Can’t supply drugs,can’t run numbers..can’t supply gals and boys to congress….everything is takes over by feds.How the fuck honest,hard working folks like us can survive…This reminds of days my grandpa spent under Mussolini in Sicily.Man,it is worst over here.”Said another mob leader who is spending 25 years in jail.

  It is reported that cosa nostra empire in U.S. alone had turnover of more than 200 billion.Their business activities include Prostitution,Racketeering,Loan sharking,Murders etc

  “Feds,banks and corporations have taken over our legitimate business….We are leaving our beloved country..” said another mob button who murdered 26 people before his arrest. 


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