North Korean Police chief is happy at the progress made by US in mimicking its internal security model

29 Jul


29 July,2012

Speaking at the conference organized by Kennedy School of Government,North Korean Police Chief Lee Myeong Su expressed his happiness over the efforts taken by US administration to implement some of North Korean Security measures.

“I like you Americans to mimic our model of internal security.The citizens must be reined and suppressed at every opportunity.But i don’t like your prisons.They have too much of luxury and prisoners don’t do any productive work.Although i like efforts taken by American police and judiciary to put maximum citizens behind the bars but it is still not enough.To make a successful police force,you must disarm the individual citizens.”Upon reminded about UN gun ban treaty,the North Korean Police chief smiled and finished his talk.

  The co-operation between North Korean Police and US police force is not a well known fact but apparently CIA and FBI are eager to learn their methods.


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