All secret services and Police departments to be merged to form behemoth rivaling KGB

29 Jul

Washington D.C.

28 Saturday

      All secret services and police departments will be merged to form a behemoth agency rivaling former USSR’s dreaded KGB.This move was prompted by rivalries between sister departments and agencies which ultimately affect intelligence gathering and anti-terrorism efforts.

    Inspired by erstwhile KGB’s efficiency in handling defectors,counter

terrorism,counter espionage techniques,American intelligence community is heavily in favor of the move made by state department.

   Currently domestic counterespionage is handled by FBI but it had very limited success in stopping terrorist attacks.The only terrorists caught by FBI seems to be trained by FBI itself.The intelligence efforts by CIA in middle east and Latin America have proven to be huge failures.

   This move will unify all the police departments working under different managements.All the cops working for State,County,local,ATF,DA,DHS,National guards,DEA,Border Patrol will be brought under unified command.

  This new agency will have staff strength between 8,00,000 to 2 million and it will work in every country of world to promote peace and democracy.

   A unnamed state department official said this will prove be a huge deterrent against any spontaneous or planned revolution by American proletariat


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