US School invites Putin,Ahmadinejad ,Kim Jong-un,Hu Jintao to lecture on “Police State in USA”

13 Jul


July 12

In an official announcement, Prestigious Kennedy School of Government have invited Vladimir Putin,Mohmad Ahmadinejad,Kim Jong-un and Hu Jintao for a lecture series on “Police state in USA:The present and future”.

The US government have passed more than 2,00,000 laws and have approximately 8,00,000 law enforcement officers,1,20,000 lawyers,Privately run prisons;US is supposed to be model police state.

But Russian president Vladimir Putin disagrees.He insisted American way of wasting good money after bad when whole country can be easily converted into a big labor camp like Stalin did in USSR.

Speaking to this reporter,Putin said,”Stalin managed to wipe out 20 million people in 1930 s alone .And he did it without all the modern gizmos.The justice and punishment were swift and severe.When you eliminate offenders,we don’t need lawyers,courts,judges and other crap.Just throw the offenders in labor camp like i did with Michail Khodorkovsky”.

North Korean leader and Chinese leader declined the offer but Iranian president Ahmadinejad gladly accepted the offer.Invites were also sent to Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu but he declined the offer insisting it would create serious conflict of interest.


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