NYPD says Cops can now eat for free in any restaurant,deli in New York

6 Jul

New York

6 July,2012

Sam gisburg

      Hard worked and often starved New York cops have a help at hand.A newly approved directive by NYPD says all the eateries in New York will have to give free food to cops.No restaurant will be excluded from this directive.

     “I often work 16 hours a day and rarely get chance to eat.With this directive,i might be able to eat free foi gras in my favorite restaurant.Donuts do get jaded with time,you know.”,Said Sanchex Jr.

     The declining fitness standards of NYPD have been constant irritation to the top brass.Many a times,they were not able to catch muggers and rapists.Despite many steps taken,officers and beat cops still suffer from high weight,coronary diseases.In order to counter the unhealthy food habits,NYPD brass came up with this brilliant idea.

    “The restaurant owners have happily decided to feed NYPD cops for free.”Said a restaurant owner on condition of anonymity.”With or without law,we feed them for free anyway.Now it is just official.


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