Elite Democrat Party Oligarch,Harry Reid, arrested after he attacked a woman during a bar brawl near his “proposed” Nevada Solar Power Plant Site

15 Apr
  • The Oligarch was involed in illegal land grab from Nevada Rancher by using American Gestapo BLM
  • He allegedly attacked a woman in a pub
  • The Oligarch is due in court on 27 April, along with Mark Woo(chinese investor), who was charged alongside him

Bunkerville.15 April

A staunch free loader,the untouchable democratic party elite and land-grabber for the Chinese;Senator Harry Reid ;has been charged with assault after attacking a woman in a bar-room brawl.Harry Reid allegedly took a bite of woman’s left leg during a brawl.

Harry Reid ,75, who holds prominent positions in government, is said to have retaliated after the woman taunted him as “sterile democrat fascist” and “a land grabber”. Angry,Harry Reid shoved the woman and took a bite in her legs.

The victim , 27, suffered a manbite to her left leg and pain in her right hand after she struck Reid with stiletto.

Mr.Harry Reid was arrested and led away from the venue in handcuffs. He denied being involved in the incident. Mr.Nettle, his lawyer, said: “My client insists on his innocence. He is not a land grabber and sterile democrat fascist.”

The row is said to have taken place in the Bunkervile nightclub in the Freedom Hotel in the Bunkervile,Nevada on April 14.

The democratic party elite and land grabber was involved in illegal land grab for Chinese company.The reasons for his presence in Bunkervile are unknown.The so called liberal progressive humanist and environmentalist has been known to use his office to intimidate legal US citizens and cheat on his taxes.


Alaska votes to join Russia, Obama orders military action

7 Mar

Juneau, Alaska -Stepping in shoes of  Crimea’s parliament ,Alaska’s congress voted to join Russia on Thursday and its Citizen-backed government set a referendum in 5 days’ time in a dramatic escalation of the crisis  that drew a sharp reaction from U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama ordered military action on Alaska,starting fears of another civil war.Washington DC imposed bans on travel to the United States and freezing of their U.S. assets.The army,air-force and military is being mobilized to control the breakaway republic of Alaska.

Alaskans were ruthlessly exploited by Americans from March 30, 1867 .The defeat of Southern states in civil war put a dampener to their aspirations for independence The infamous website Wikipedia seem to have deleted all the references to Russian ownership of Alaska.

Most of Alaskans think going along with Russians will be best move for future.Many famous Alaskans including former governor Sarah Palin always saw Russia from their houses.So it comes as no surprise that Alaskans think they are almost Russians.

“It would be better if we were ruled by Russians than current crop of commiefascists oligarchs. There is no freedom in USA.Every aspect of life is recorded and used for our exploitation.Cops,judiciary,media,congress are out of control and they want to destroy our identity as human beings.It would be better to live under Benevolent and fearless leader like Putin.”Said an Alaskan native.

France called off attack on U.K. over failed Syria vote at last minute

9 Oct


         The shocking details of possible French military strikes against British Government were revealed by a defected French  MP,who is  under observation of British secret service.

         After British MPs rejected possible UK military action against Syrian government to deter the use of chemical weapons, Courageous French President Hollande ordered military strikes against British government. The plan included nuking City of London and British Parliament.

          Hours before fighter jets were set to launch, French President Francois Hollande received call from Obama informing him of delay.French fighter jets were ready to take-off for an attack in U.K. on August 31, but were called off only two hours away from launch time.

          France’s president, Francois Hollande called off the attack after a call with U.S. President Barack Obama, who decided that destroying British island would deprive US of useful lackeys and some important military bases.Plus,the profits from drugs business carried by British banks might disappear permanently.

           According to the interrogation report, French were disgusted with British defeatist attitude. President Hollande said “We want to punish British for their cowardice during world war 2.We will teach them meaning of courage,valor,bravery.”

          Rafale-class aircraft were prepared to launch as officials laid the groundwork for the attack with the French public. “Everything made us think that D-Day had arrived,” a French official is quoted as saying. “This incredible feeling of possible French victory lasted until the end of the afternoon.”

          David Cameron said he would respect the surrender  of  French  government to Americans and told French President to be nice slaves to Americans.The US said it would “continue to consult” with the UK and France, “two of our closest vassal states  and friends”.

          France said the revelation does not change its resolve on the need to act U.K.

MS-13 offers to take over LAPD

1 Mar

Los Angeles (1 March, 2013): In dramatic developments, a representative for dreaded gang MS13 offered to buy LAPD for 2 Billion dollars and change. The offer was received by LAPD chief ,who was practicing golf in private club along with his concubine.

“I just can’t believe it. We will never sell LAPD to gangsters.Hell, we are better than them”, Said the raging Chief.”We can do everything that MS13 claims to do and we do it legally.”

The reporter managed to snatch a quick preview of offer given by MS-13:

1) LAPD will give up its control of drugs, arms, prostitute smuggling business

2) LAPD will get two billion dollars and a ticket to get out of LA

3) In return,MS13 will allow LAPD officers to join the new department.

“We have extensive experience in operating extraordinarily complex businesses.L.A. is just small operation for us.Our organization works exclusively in 50 countries of world and we bring world class expertise to this city.Our reign will be beginning of new paradigm in history of L.A.” Said official MS-13 spokesman from Bolivia.”We expect to recover our investment in two years flat.We may offer IPO in year 2017 when one of us will be SEC chairman.”

Wars between US states is a certainty

17 Jan

Washington DC,17 January 2013

A prominent think tank have warned US senators that “war between states” is a certainty and next 10 years will be crucial.

“The hostilities between politicians from different states have escalated.Many states don’t see an eye to eye on policy issues.”said Conrad Wilson jr,billionaire CEO of think tank Preventing Wars .”The massive build up of military weapons in Texas and California will prove to be detrimental to national unity.Obama’s gun ban have forced opposing states to purchase more weapons.It will be like Kosovo-Serbia in few years.”

“At ground level,people from opposing  states have really hostile interactions.A Washington DC guy is despised in every part of country while New Yorkers often feel isolated in other states.The sentiments are tense and southern states feel betrayed from northern states.” Said Conrad,”The number of voluntary paramilitary groups have gone up by 1000 % and many deserted areas have been converted to training fields for state military.This is worrisome situation.”

Texas to modernize its military

23 Nov

Austin,Texas(23 November,2012)

Texas has launched an ambitious plan to modernize its under-equipped military and build a defense industry in a move that analysts said could alter the regional strategic balance.

After years of being underfunded, the Texas Defense Ministry has embarked on a shopping spree for military hardware and joint ventures with foreign defense companies for local production of weaponry, said ministry spokesman Brigadier General (NAME WITHHELD).

“We have now the money to buy more equipment,” Brigadier said. “Our defense capabilities are really not up to the task and are way behind other countries.”

The Texan military was all-powerful and it fought well under banner of confederacy but sadly it lost due to inferior weapons in civil war.

The shopping list includes: 500 Sukhoi Su-35,BM,Su 27 multirole fighter jets,500 Eurofighter Typhoon jets,5000 Leopard 2 main battle tanks,250 million rounds of ammunition,aircraft carriers from France.The proposed weapons might cost upwards of 2 trillion dollars.

French President Hollande to exile himself to Monaco

18 Oct

Paris ,18 october 2012

France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande have decided to leave France and go in exile to Monaco. Confidential sources from Élysée Palace have confirmed that Hollande left France to save his personal wealth from draconian taxes he imposed on rich elites of France. It has to be reminded that Mr Hollande,an elite communist, is privately wealthy.

As Hollande said there would be no exceptions in 75 %  marginal tax rate,rich people have started migrating in droves to Belgium and U.K.The millionaire tax crisis have heightened climate of suspicion between France and Britain.With war clouds hovering over Europe over “millionaire crisis”,French president have taken safest approach and exiled himself to tax free Monaco alongwith his Euros,wife and 5 female lovers.

“I am in a battle and will not look back,” he said. “I am trying to save my wealth and France at same time and I am accelerating,” he said.” I will not leave my elected office. I will guide our great nation of France from Monaco. For the time being, Monaco will become temporary French administration centre.”

French historians drew parallel with Charles De Gaulle ,who headed French government in exile after Nazis controlled France.

“Yes,Hollande is definitely on correct path. To save his nation and his wealth, he had to go for self imposed exile. His actions definitely run  parallel to Great Gaulle.Hollande is our new Charles De Gaulle…”Said a distinguished French Historian.

Hollande – who has famously said he does not “like the rich” – said $10 bn would come from additional taxes on households “especially the well-heeled”, 10 billion more from businesses and 10 billion from savings in government spending. It would be the biggest hike in three decades. But at the time of announcement of new taxes, Hollande forgot he himself was stinking rich and would not be spared. His actions have roused shrill laughter from National Front.

Surging ratings

Having won a May election with 51.6 per cent of the vote, Hollande’s ratings have slid below 50 per cent in less than half the time it took Sarkozy to fall from favour.But after his self exile to Monaco,President Hollande’s ratings increased beyond 75 %.